What Are Semi-Open headphones?

In the manufacturer’s assortment, you can often find several models of headsets that use the same type of speakers, but have an open different structure. Indeed, the structure of the shell (closed, open, semi-open) significantly affects the sound reproduction and quality.

In fact, sound changes completely depending on the design of the shell. We will now look at a semi-open headsets, as not much is known about them.

Is the difference so significant?


A closed headset is isolated from external sounds, but also prevents others from hearing the music playing. Thus, closed models are suitable for use in noisy environments, while open-models are suitable for home and studio use due to design nuances. Semi-open models combine the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

Semi-open headphones

This variety can be perceived as something between open and closed headphones, but it can not be called the best semi open headphones, since this form factor also has soy drawbacks. A semi-open soundbox does not completely isolate you from surrounding noise and music is reproduced faithfully without certain frequencies being emphasized.


The shells of semi-open headphones are most often “pierced” with one or more small holes, which are similar to the vents on bass-reflex speakers. One of two things, either these orifices are simple perforations and the only benefit is to free the loudspeaker from any pressurization by the trapped air, or the orifice is extended inside the shell by a tube and in this case, it is a resonator that it acts — which amplifies the low frequencies.

The multiplicity of single orifices expands the sound stage but reduces the signal/noise ratio, while the presence of a vent/resonator frees the speaker, increases performance in the bass, and maintains very good sound insulation, with the downside however of a narrow scene.

Semi-open headphones are therefore suitable for studio use. If you are recording a melody on guitar or drums in the studio, semi-open headphones can be useful as you can hear your own sound through the ear cups.